Lieutenant Bru T'us   

Character Information
Name   Bru T'us
Rank   Lieutenant
Position   Chief Engineering Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Catian
Age   45
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 7”
Weight   250 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Covered in grey fur from head to toe, with long black hair oft tied in a tail, Bru T’Us (Bru to friends) is a bit tall for Catians, and rather muscular. However, as is the nature of most of his species, his size belays his agility. He is quick footed, and always lands on his feet, and with his prehensile (sp?) tail, he makes for quite an engineer. It can be disturbing for other crewmembers tho, to have a tool passed to them by something sticking out of the back of Bru’s pants.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Like all Catians, Bru has a deep sense of personal honor, and has a habit of being quick to temper. He is a loyal friend, and fierce enemy. Unlike most of his species however, he was dawn to more technical services, leading him to be chief engineer, as apposed to a position in security, where numerous Catians server.

He also has a sense of humor, and often likes to play pranks
Strengths & Weaknesses
A keen technical mind, sense of honor, and a body kept in top shape, with his natural agility, make him a formidable member of any crew.

As mentioned above, he is quick to temper, and has a weakness for certain herbs. And the occasional ball of yarn
To tinker. He hopes to eventually invent something to cement his name in the Hall of Honored Heros back on his homeworld, but knows if he does, it won’t be from the glories of combat
Hobbies & Interests
has a penchant for old style strategy games, and poker. When he’s not reading a technical manual, theres a chance he’s working on refining his very small distillery, as he has a family history in the creation and trade of Catian Fire Whisky
Languages   Federation Standard, Catian, Klingon
Father   Cas S'i us
Mother   M'anda
Brother(s)   Ti'tus
Sister(s)   none
Spouse   none
Children   None
Other Family   None
Bru T’Us doesn’t talk much about his past, prior to the Academy. He does mention his families history as distillers, and occasionally trips to the southern forests of his homeworld. In passing, he notes spending a few of his early years on Vulcan, and makes note of a summer on Argelius Prime, where he met and elder human engineering genius, whom introduced him to his two great loves: Starship Engineering, and Scotch. This man later sponsored Bru T’Us into the Academy.

After graduating, Bru T’us served a tour of duty with the SCE, making a few good friendships, and ended his stint by heading up a small warp stabilization project under Admirall Gold. He was later transferred out to Starbase 117, part of a specialized team stations there.

Following his service on the station, he was posted as Asst. Engineer on the [I]USS Okinawa[/I] serving with distinction under then Cmdr. John Quest. Quest recommended him for promotion shortly after gaining the rank of Captain, and saw that Bru T’us got a billet as CEO on a stalwart Excalibur-class cruiser, the [I]USS Relentless[/I]


Service Record
2397: Spends summer on Argelius Prime
2400: Attends Starfleet Academy, Engineering school with a senior recommendation
2403: adds minor in special distortion theory
2404: Graduates third in class. Assigned to SCE

2405: Works briefly for Adm. Gold on warp stabilization program.
Assigned to starbase 117
2406: Transferred to [I]USS Okinawa[/I]

2410: recommended for promotion by Cpt. Quest.
Transferred to USS Relentless, Assigned Chief Engineer

2410-11: Oversees refit of USS Relentless.

2411: USS Relentless Relaunched, continues assignment as Chief Engineer.


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