Deck Listing

Deck 1   Main Bridge, Captain’s Ready Room, Situation Room
Deck 2   First Officer’s Office, Chief of Security's Office, COB’s Office
Deck 3   Fore
Captain's Quarters, Security Operations Center, Escape pod access, Senior Officer Quarters, Diplomatic Officer's Office
Ambassadorial Quarters, VIP Diplomatic Offices, Observation Platform, Diplomatic Reception Hall
Deck 4   Fore
Senior Officer Quarters, Springball , Volleyball and Basketball Courts, Officer's Gymnasium
Escape pod access, Senior Officer Quarters, Crew Lounges
Deck 5   Fore
Crew Lounges, Junior Officer Quarters
Main Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Crew Lounges, Counseling Offices, Chief Counselor's Office
Deck 6   Junior Officer Quarters, Additional Ambassadorial Quarters, VIP Diplomatic Offices
Deck 7   Fore
Junior Officer Quarters, Holodecks 1-2, Crew Lounges
Chief Science Officer’s Office, Junior Officer Quarters, Holodecks 3-4, Science Labs, Fighter Maintenance, Main Shuttlebay-Upper Level
Deck 8   Fore
Crew Quarters, Holodecks 5-6, Crew Lounges, Secondary Armory
Stellar Cartography, Science Labs, Spacecraft Maintenance, Main Shuttlebay-Lower Level, Pilot Readyroom, Fighter Operations
Deck 9   Fore
Cloud 10 Lounge-Upper Level, Crew Quarters, Observation Park-Upper Level
AftStellar Cartography, Science Labs, Pilot's Quarters

Deck 10   Fore
Cloud 10 Lounge-Lower Level, Crew Quarters, Observation Park-Lower Level
AftResearch and Development Labs
Deck 11   Transporter Rooms 1-4, Conference Rooms, Crew Quarters
Deck 12   Fore
Ship Operations Center, Secondary ODN Relay Junction, Crew Quarters
Marine Operations Control, Marine Armory, Ammunition Fabrication Center, Briefing Room
Deck 13   Marine Commanding Officer’s Quarters, Target Range, Marine Officer Quarters, Deuterium Storage, Fusion Reactors, Main Impulse Engine
Deck 14   Enlisted Marine Quarters, Deuterium Storage, Fusion Reactors, Main Impulse Engine
Deck 15   Enlisted Marine Quarters, Deuterium Storage, Fusion Reactors, Main Impulse Engine
Deck 16   Fore
Escape pod access, Maintenance, Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core
Arboretum, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bay 1
Deck 17   Holographic Control Center, Primary Computer Core, Primary Sensor Control, Main ODN Relay
Deck 18   Fore
Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core
Aft-Torpedo Storage, Aft-Torpedo Launchers
Deck 19   Captain’s Private Garden, Crew Quarters, Primary Computer Core
Deck 20   Crew Quarters, Cargo Bay 2, Primary Computer Core
Deck 21   Observation Platforms, Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges, Cargo Bay 3
Deck 22   Holodecks 7-9, Recreational Facilities, Ship's School, Crew Family Quarters
Deck 23   Fore
Gymnasium, Crew Quarters
Combat Information Center, Main Armory, Crew Quarters
Deck 24   Secondary Sickbay, Crew Quarters
Deck 25   Environmental Control, Crew Quarters, Docking Ports (Port & Starboard)
Deck 26   Environmental Control, Life Support, Transporter Rooms 5-6, Deuterium Storage, Matter Storage
Deck 27   Matter Storage, Upper Core Injection Assembly, Primary Power Distribution Node and Controls, SIF Maintenance and Monitoring
Deck 28   Upper Engineering Support Area, Engineering Supply Bay, Crew Quarters
Deck 29   Fore
Forward Torpedo Storage, Forward Torpedo Turret
Main Engineering, Chief Engineer’s Office, Crew Quarters
Deck 30   Main Engineering, Crew Quarters
Deck 31   Main Engineering, Ship’s Quartermaster’s Office, Crew Quarters
Deck 32   Deuterium Storage, Deflector Control, Tractorbeam Emitter
Deck 33   Docking Ports, Escape pod access, Deuterium Storage, Lower Core Injection Assembly
Deck 34   Deuterium Fill Ports and Storage , Engineering Replicators, Industrial Replicators, Automated Machine Shops, Fabrication Center
Deck 35   Fore
Main Torpedo Storage, Forward Torpedo Launchers
Parts Storage, Secondary Computer Core, Auxiliary Shuttle Bays, Auxiliary Craft Construction & Maintenance
Deck 36   Escape pod access, Secondary Computer Core, Crew Quarters
Deck 37   Transporter Room 7, Secondary Computer Core
Deck 38   Crew Quarters, Crew Lounges
Deck 39   Crew Quarters, Cargo Bay 4
Deck 40   Escape pod access, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bay 5
Deck 41   Antimatter storage, Antimatter Injection Reactors
Deck 42   Antimatter storage, Engineering Support Labs, Emergency Batteries
Deck 43   Secondary Life Support Systems
Deck 44   Engineering Support, Cargo Bay 6, Industrial Replicators, Tractor Beam Control
Deck 45   Engineering Support, Cargo Bay 7
Deck 46   Engineering Support, Workerbee Storage and Maintenance
Deck 47   Maintenance Access, Auxiliary Sensor Control
Deck 48   Waste Reclamation and Recycling Control, Cargo Bay 8, Main Brig
Deck 49   Waste Reclamation and Recycling
Deck 50   Tractorbeam Emitter, Warp Core Ejection Port, Observation deck, Drop bay
Deck 51  
Deck 52  
Deck 53  
Deck 54  
Deck 55  
Deck 56  
Deck 57  
Deck 58  
Deck 59  
Deck 60