Lieutenant Bru T'us’s Personal Log - Refit Blues

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Title   Refit Blues
Author   Lieutenant Bru T'us
Posted   Tue Aug 24, 2010 @ 8:14am
Drydock. Why do they call it drydock, when you're in space? It's always dry in space? Meh, I'll never understand it.

Everything about drydock is weird. Take the ship, for instance. I've been assigned to oversee the refit of the [i]USS Relentless[/i]. Rumor is this ship has seen plenty of fights, and captains. Right now? Its a hollowed out skeleton, wrapped up in a metal cacoon floating above Mars. The Nacells, currently floating off the port side of the dry dock, need be installed. Tuesday, I think. Bigger then the older ones that were removed over a month ago. Once these are in place, we;ll be able to hook up all the connectors, and maybe do some dry runs on the new warp core assembly. We already swapped out the impulse engines, and expanded the med bay. I left that mostly to the Doc's. I don't want the boys in blue screwing around in my Engine Room, and I'm sure they don't want me waving my tail around and bossing everyone on how to assemble a bio-bed in their Sick-bay.

I will say this for a refit: all those exposed conduits, pathways, and random bars and pipes make for a hell of a work out. Plus, its fun to drop down on unsuspecting techs. Poor little bastards get scared out of their whits half the time I pass them something with my tail, let alone when I drop down from somewhere up above. What is it with most species never thinking to look up?

Ah well. Tomorrow I get to inspect the purposed Quantum Torpedo Turret. Gotta figure out how the hell to wire that into the bloody eps conduit system. That old bastard wasn't kidding when he said a refit'll drive a man to a bottle scotch about as fast as any woman. This one's for you, Scotty.