Lieutenant Bru T'us’s Personal Log - The Computer COre

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Title   The Computer COre
Author   Lieutenant Bru T'us
Posted   Wed Sep 15, 2010 @ 10:13am
We installed the new computer core today. With the nacells back in place, and more of the hull being attached, it's time to upgrade the core.

I hate computer upgrades. Always, always, somethign goes wrong. This time, the core we got didn't have the right power adapters for the [i]Relentless[/i]'s version of the EPS grid.

They forgot to give us one of the new cores like we requested. Damn quartermaster has it out for me. Sent me the wrong transporter coils as well. Jackass.

SO the Bynar's'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with the proper core, and if we're very lucky, we can get it up and running in time for dinner. The Bynar's can take care of the memory transfer from the older core without me, from that point.

Ah well. In other news, some of the egg heads showed up today to inspect the science labs. Reaaaal good looker in that group. Gotta see if I can get her personal comm frequency